We here at Domestic Move offer our clients safe storage in London at reasonable prices. No matter if your need for a safe place to keep your belongings originates from security concerns you might have or a simple lack of the needed space, our services are always available to you. Our company is well versed in a large number of fields, but we are definitely among the best at offering secure containment for your property, netting us a reputation of reliability and trustworthiness.

 Specifics of our service

We are capable of storing almost anything without exaggeration (within the legally allowed boundaries of course). We offer many essentially  different types of containment to suit best the needs of our clients. For example:

  • Small individual receptacles for any likewise tiny items
  • Regarding property of medium stature we have one of the best warehouse conditions around
  • We can fit nearly anything so if you are wondering where to look for a place for your large items, we are the ones for you

We have had only content clients leave our buildings with their items in hand, since we follow a strict policy of safety and of exceptional treatment of our clients and their property.

Security and conditions

We are the next best to banks when it comes to the safety of your items. Our London warehouses are always under surveillance and we employ the best people for the team that monitors the location: dependable, trustworthy and capable of reacting immediately. Your items will be constantly under their watchful eye, tucked in the safety that our containment facilities offer.

You are always allowed to visit your items (so long as it does not interfere with the safety of the items of other people who are taking advantage of our capabilities). This can be done even without warning us during working hours.

Using our services and related costs

It might come as no surprise but the fees for different types of storage in London are completely different. This aims to provide the items under our care with the safety and attention they need at an affordable price for our clients. Booking a space is extremely easy, however we must note that when we are dealing with extra large items we must be warned in advance as to make the needed preparatCheap storage services in Londonions to actually contain them. When you have decided to make use of us, simply gives us a call or find us online.
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