Q: I have specific requirements which aren’t really covered by any of your services, what can be done?

A: Not to worry, first of all tell us what exactly you need done and we will take it from there. Our removal and delivery services can be customised as per individual requirements so you can add or remove certain options of the service, this also brings more value for money.

Q: Will you be able to meet my budget requirements?

A: We will do our best, that’s a promise. We supply each customer with accurate quote and flexible price which meets specific budget needs as much as possible. Individual price forming helps us offer the best possible price given the circumstances.

Q: I need to shift heavy or odd items, can you do that for me?

A: In nine out of ten cases the answer would be ‘yes’. We organise and carry out the safe and efficient removal of many heavy, odd, bulky objects which are otherwise a problem to move. However, reasonable judgement is exercised when shifting such objects as some of them are simply out of our scope.

Q: I need stuff delivered on a regular basis, is that a removal service?

A: For customers with regular pickup and drop off requirements, we provide a specialised goods delivery service. The service is suitable for both residential and commercial client needs. Pickup and delivery schedule depends entirely on customer preferences.

Q: Are you insured? Do you have all licensing?

A: In short – yes. The company has comprehensive insurance covering customer belongings in our care. We have all required licensing and permits to perform professional removal and delivery services, as well as the additional options we provide.

Q: Do you do removals at odd hours?

A: Yes we do. We can arrange for a removal to take place whenever customers find it most suitable. We can carry out the service in late evenings, early mornings, weekends, bank holidays etc. as long as we have sufficient access to all items.

Q: How can I pay for the service I received?

A: For customer convenience we accept various methods of payment, besides cash. We accept bank transfer payments, all types of card payments, invoices. Please be advised we need to know the type of payment you prefer to use, in advance of the actual service.

Q: Is it possible to send more than one van to a removal?

A: Absolutely, in cases where we need to deal with a large scale removal in a limited timeframe we organise for more than one vehicle to be engaged in that particular service. By doing this we minimise removal time and reduce end costs for our customers.

Q: Do you do removal of fragile/high value belongings?

A: As tricky as it may be, we handle the safe removal and transportation of fragile, delicate and high value items. Our teams invest extra time and effort in ensuring careful handling and safe transportation of such items.  We will perform specialised packing using industry-grade protective materials.