Furniture Assembly

We here at Domestic Move often wonder why some transportation firms refuse to go the extra step when delivering furniture to their clients and assist them in assembling it. We deem it simply logical that when you aim to facilitate the life of your customers by delivering the items they want you would help them in putting it together. This is what motivates us to offer furniture assembly services in London at an unmatched quality for an extremely competitive price to the joy of the people who make the right call of hiring us.

Handy workers

There is absolutely no shame in recruiting someone to aid you with construction of the furniture you have purchased from a store in London. A lot of people make the mistake of overestimating themselves and end up with a huge delay before getting to enjoy their new home addition, a shoddy looking (or having functionality problems) item or at worse a damaged purchase with no one to blame but themselves. A lot of them still end up hiring people to do i
t. Why stress yourself out when you can give our team a shot. We have handpicked people who are

  • Dependable
  • Handy
  • Punctual
  • Responsible

and much, much more. We guarantee that they can put together even the most convoluted item that you have bought and that it will work seamlessly and will look just like it should. Instead of wasting your time trying to follow unclear instructions, you can rely on our boys to do the job properly.

Rates and Pro furniture assembly in Londonspecifics

If there is a piece of furniture, that you have bought from IKEA or another London furnishing store, and that has to be put in working order right away you should not hesitate before calling us. Our fees are flexible and depend entirely on the magnitude of the difficulty of our order, we guarantee however fair pricing for a service that is impe
ccable. To enlist our aid you need not do much more than give us a call or find us online and hire us. Our crew is adaptable so they are capable of handling a variety of different items that have to be put together at the same time. You can contact us without concerns of:

  1. Time
  2. The difficulty of the job
  3. Money, since our rates are always affordable

Do not make the mistake that so many poor souls have let themselves make and hire the pros to do the “dirty” work.

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