The Borough of Islington is by all means one of the most charming places of London to live in. It is connected with the rest of the city through an intricate public transportation system.  The local council takes care of all lifestyles, including job opportunities for the inhabitants of the area, housing for dwellers, healthcare and even the common bugbears of living together with many people – rubbish and waste removal. In fact, the Borough of Islington is a brilliant example of how order and quiet and coexist with the busy and buzzing life of the gigantic metropolis that London is.

Brick by brick, Islington rose

Located just north of the City of London, Islington belongs to the broader historic area of Middlesex, a county. Like many others, the borough was established back in 1965 by putting together several metropolitan boroughs in an attempt to centralise areas in London and create an easier-to-maintain city environment. The present amalgamation reunites the erstwhile boroughs of Islington and Finsbury, but it also goes so far to include parts of Clerkenwell, for example.

With thriving economy, Islington has invited business to establish itself in this part of the city. If you are looking for top-notch home removals in Holloway N7, Islington, know that they are quite popular and accessible. Apart from thriving business, though, the area is simply known for its religious dissenters, including John Bunyan, Daniel Defoe, Isaac Watts, William Blake, and George Fox.

Many renowned figures in English history have lived in the area, including John Wesley, John Milton, Oliver Goldsmith and George Cruikshank, among others. Stepped in historical and cultural charm, dwellers of the area have quite a bit to be proud of. All parts of the city are, as a result, quite attractive and new arrivals are moving in droves or relocating from one place of the area to another:

  • Moving around the area is great because of its great green spaces;
  • Quality moving services abound all over the region;
  • Islington is family-friendly and a preferred choice among families;

Pictured: Upper Street, Islington

It may seem as a hassle to go through domestic removals, for example. Nothing much to worry about here as well. You can rely on a stellar service brought to you by the local & reliable domestic removals available in Highbury N5, as part of the borough. The whole area is quite readily interspersed with small businesses that will assist you in all your undertakings. Whether you are relocating, moving in or simply bidding one of the richest historical areas of the whole of London a gentle goodbye, you can always find a set of helping hands to assist you.

What to visit in the great borough of Islington

Whether located exactly in Islington or in the general vicinity of the borough, this place mixes old and new like no other. If you crave to see some historical monuments or newer architectural designs, you have a plump choice to pick from. The Islington Tunnel offers to take you under the streets of London through the canal paths. Walking there in the sweltering sunny days is a bliss to the weary traveller and explorer.