The success of your upcoming domestic move or even the transportation of a single object from point A to point B across London depends on the manner in which you have approached your packing duties. If you are worried that you have no experience in the matter whatsoever do not worry. Even though packing requires certain skills and knowledge, it is not that hard to achieve satisfactory results. And remember – there is no shame in asking for professional assistance. Let’s have a look at some useful pieces of advice that will help you get started:

  • Make a packing checklist
  • Declutter
  • Find quality packing materials
  • Have a good strategy and stick to it
  • Label, label, label

Start with a checklist

The most important thing that you need to decide is what you are going to bring with you to the new place. Go through all of your possessions and make a list of the stuff you want to pack. Put even the most obvious choices on that list –you will be surprised how easy it is to forget about something in the middle of the hectic preparations for your domestic removal.

Throw away everything unnecessary

Once you have decided what you are going to take along on a ride to your next home, it is time to sort out the items that you no longer need or want, and divide them into groups of things to:

  • Donate
  • Sell online
  • Give away to friends and family
  • End up on the landfill

Remember that you should try to recycle everything that you can in order to preserve the environment. Old, outdated appliances and furniture might be of no use to you, but it can be to someone you know so think about whom you can make happy with it. If the person is too proud to accept gifts, you can ask for a symbolic fee to make things fair and easier. Books and old computers will be much appreciated at your local school, so ask about their donation policy.

Purchase supplies

The packing supplies – boxes, wrapping materials, crates, etc. – you purchase can make the difference between a successful, accident-free relocation and a real disaster. If you do not want to compromise quality just to save some money but you still would prefer to save a few quid, the most sensible thing to do is ask your moving contractor of choice for their specialised moving boxes delivery and packing in London.

Work methodically

When packing, you should work from the inside of your house toward the outside, a room at a time. Do not rush to pack one thing here, another one there and end up losing track of your progress or what you have to do next. Do not forget to consult with your checklist either. Start a couple of weeks prior to your removal date in order to have enough time for everything.

Be careful to label everything single box

The last important thing to never forget is putting the content of each box on a label that is visible from every side. The label should state what’s in the box and which room it goes too so that your movers can have an idea what to do with it.