Hiring a professional removals firm is step one to the success of any domestic relocation that you might want to get done. Your movers can do much more than simply haul your furniture on a van or a moving truck and drive off to the address that you have provided them with. There is a wealth of specialised services that are worth exploring because they are going to make your life better, easier and stress-free both in the weeks leading to your removal, and on the actual moving date. So take the time to check them out.

Furniture assembly

There are a couple of occasions in which such a service might come in handy. If you have many pieces of furniture that can be dismantled before your move, it will make them easier to pack and transport. The problem is that once you arrive at the new location, putting everything back together will require time, energy, specialised tools and skills. Having helpers from your moving company carry out the job for you will save you a lot of trouble. The same goes for those cases in which you have purchased new furniture and have it delivered from the store. A couple of store purchase deliveries and a swift furniture assembly in London is your best bet indeed.

Professional-grade cleaning

When vacating rented accommodations, your contract will stipulate the state in which the property is to be left to the landlord. You might have to do quite a bit of cleaning, including such problematic items such as:

  • Carpets
  • Curtains
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Oven and other appliances

Success in such endeavours, especially when you are pressed for time is doubtful, so the most logical choice you have will be to ask your moving firm if they can provide you with a professional grade end of tenancy cleaning service to help you out. Chances are they will be able to, and on a price that will not strain your budget either.

Storage solutions for those in need

If you are handling a large scale removal, you might have possessions – furniture, appliances, books, etc. – that you will not need right away when you relocate to the new address. In order to reduce the stress and strain on your moving day, consider leasing a storage unit nearby the new property where you can temporarily move the bulk of those unnecessary items. You can collect them once you settle down, and the hassle is going to be much less than if you try to move everything at once.

Packing and delivery of packing supplies

The majority of the respectable moving firms in London and the UK as a whole are in a position to help you with the packing of your goods, or at least supply you with materials that are going to come in handy should you decide to tackle the job on your own. The main benefit is that if this is the moving firm you will be using for the actual relocation, you may be able to make use of some pretty attractive discounts.