One of the top priorities that a person moving homes has during the handling of such a delicate job is to ensure that their goods arrive safely to their assigned location. This can be a complex job at best when there are too many fragile and high-value items to be transported. However, following the steps described below makes the task much easier.

Create a separate list for the fragile goods

Bearing in mind that your top priority here is to protect the integrity of your fragile valuables during transportation from point A to point B across the city, it might be a good idea to make a list of those valuables separate from the checklist for the rest of your domestic removal project. This is particularly important in cases when you will be moving more than a couple of pieces. The separate list will be helpful to you, but you can also give it to the man and van moving firm you hire so that they know what they will be dealing with in advance as well. You should not forget that good communication with your movers is of the essence.

Think about storage for the time being

A viable alternative, especially when you are dealing with a domestic move of a large scale, is to move your most fragile goods to storage before your moving date and then collect them after you have settled down. Thus you will avoid the risk of something getting damaged in the hassle of loading all your boxes and furniture on the lorry. It should not be a problem for you to find cheap storage in London, and even more specifically, one that is close by your new address where you will be able to safely put away your valuables for the time being.

Carefully label each box

We cannot stress enough the importance of labelling when it comes to determining whether or not a certain box is properly packed. It becomes even more vital when you are moving fragile items that have at least a sentimental value to you. Here are some tips:

  • Every outside wall of the box should say “Fragile” so that the person handling it knows
  • List the contents of the box carefully
  • Put heavy items in small boxes
  • Disassemble what you can in advance
  • Write down where exactly this box is going – the kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.

You will be surprised how much the right labels improve the safety of your goods on the road.

Communicate your needs with the movers clearly

We have already mentioned this, but it should be stressed – it is of utmost importance to tell your movers that you have fragile and valuable pieces you will be moving. Discuss their transportation in advance so that they can come up with an adequate solution, and most importantly – not be unpleasantly surprised when they arrive at your place unprepared to handle their responsibilities. Typically, you can count on the expertise of your moving firm, so make full use of it.