You are moving house and searching for a dream neighbourhood to settle in. However, there is no such thing as a perfect neighbourhood because not all areas can perfectly fit everyone and their unique needs. On the bright side, there are elements common to great neighbourhoods that will help you find the one that will suit you best at this point in your life. If you’re moving, here are main points to focus on in order to find an ideal neighbourhood that will sync with your current lifestyle. Check them out.

What do you prefer?

Ask yourself what the most important characteristics of a neighbourhood are. Do you prefer an active area or a quiet street? Do you want people to respect your anonymity or you prefer a close-knit community? After you envision your ideal neighbourhood, make sure you focus on finding the one, or the most similar to it. Remember, even if you find a perfect home in the neighbourhood that is not up to your standards and your lifestyle, things can go wrong big time later on.

Safety and crime levels

One of the first things to check when searching for the right neighbourhood for your new home is a crime rate. Detailed crime reports and statistics can be easily found online. However, this kind of information might not be available for smaller towns. If this is the case, contacting the neighbourhood’s local police department is a good idea. Also, you can visit the neighbourhood and check for signs of crime, including:

  • Bars on windows
  • High fences
  • Vandalism
  • Graffiti
  • “Beware of dog” signs


If you have children, this is probably the first consideration when looking for a good neighbourhood. Even if you don’t have kids, schools significantly affect a home’s value and the school factor is important to potential buyers as it is an indicator of a good neighbourhood. You can easily find school ratings online. You should aim your attention at college admission rates, graduation rates, SAT scores, AP enrolment, etc. Visit schools in person to get a more comprehensive picture. Additionally, think about how your child will get to school. Can they walk? Do they have access to public transportation? How far is it to drive?


It’s important that the amenities you need are available in your chosen neighbourhood and that your day-to-day requirements can be met. You want to be close to grocery and convenience stores, cafes, restaurants, shops and other amenities. In addition, you might not want to be too close to pubs and clubs due to excessive noise.

Property taxes and future development

Learn more about the current tax rate from your real estate agent and find out how much it has increased in the last five years before you move with the help of the most efficient man and van services in London. Why is this important? Well, you have to estimate the future increase (the next 5 years) and implement it into your moving budget. Contact the local council and investigate further development plans that might change the neighbourhood and affect traffic and property taxes as well. Will it be suitable for you and your family?