When you are preparing for a business move, you need to have a bulletproof and extremely comprehensive checklist, especially when it comes to packing. Otherwise, you risk of accidentally leaving something behind. One way to avoid that is by opting for Domestic Move’s dependable office removals in London. Another strategy you can use to avert such unpleasant scenarios and situations is by checking twice if you have packed the following items:

  • Plants
  • Keys and passes
  • Personal items
  • Office stationery
  • Plug-ins and charging cables
  • Things hanging on the wall

Why should you even bother doing that? Because these are the items which people often forget during a business move.


It is not hard to see why office plants have made it on this list. As a start, they are usually arranged close to windows or pushed aside to the corner. No one ever thinks about them, except maybe for that one person who has the task of watering them. Even if you do remember them during the packing process, you may still forget to transport them to the new office, since they need to among the last things to pack. What is more, they are not allowed on the moving van. So, if you rely on your movers to remind you of them, you are in for a bad surprise.

Keys and passes

Make it clear that every employee is responsible for their key and work passes. Often times there is a confusion among the staff when it comes to this type of items and confusion can easily lead to mistakes when prepping for a business move.

Personal items

Similar is the case with employees’ personal items. Let it be known that the company will not be responsible for the packing and transportation of the personal possessions of the personnel (coffee mugs, desk decorations, notebooks, spectacles, etc.).

Office stationery

Even small companies spend thousands on office stationery every year. That is because employees often get carried away with them by taking a few pencils or pens at home or using it in a rather wasteful manner. That may also be why stationary is usually left behind in an office relocation.

Various plug-ins and charging cables

You remembered to pack and take the laptops of your PR team but did you remember to also take their charging cables. That’s a classic business relocation rookie mistake. You focus only on the big things and you end up forgetting important details and small stuff such as charging cables and other plug-ins.

Things hanging on the wall

Most paintings and posters hanging on the office walls are rarely noticed. If you work long enough in a workspace, even one that has been decorated in a very tasteful way, you become blind to the decorations that are incorporated in its interior design. Those that are placed on the wall seem to be the first to turn into office ghosts. And while it may not be a big deal to forget a painting or two, it certainly won’t be pleasant if you realise that you have also left behind several wall-mounted shelves filled with important documents.

Forgetting small items like these may seem unimportant and trivial to you right now but your business and your team rely on them more than you can possibly imagine.