There is little doubt in the simple fact of the matter that moving house costs money – sometimes too much money for one’s budget to hold without strain. That is why when you have the opportunity for such a thing, cutting costs is a welcomed achievement. Here we have prepared a number of useful tips that are going to help you reduce the amount of cash that you will have to part with when you are in the middle of the planning and execution of your domestic removal.

Follow the three simple rules

One needs to be very careful when they are applying strategies for cutting costs in order to avoid the safety of their goods and the overall way in which their removal is being carried out. The most basic rules to follow are:

  • Hire a local moving company or a trusted man and van in London to help you. Contractors based in your area are more likely to deliver a good, swift job while at the same time not make you haemorrhage money. So if, for example, you live or you are moving in the area of NW9 in Greater London, search for a locally based and operating removal company in The Hyde and ask for their conditions and a quote. You are more likely to reduce your moving expenses if you rely on a locally based team of pros

  • Purchase packing supplies through your moving company. Many people try to cut costs by ordering essential packing supplies such as removal boxes second hand. This is not wise at all, because you can never be sure about the quality of the materials and their condition. If you would like to save money off packing and wrapping materials, ask the relocation firm you’ve hired if they can help. Usually, clients get pretty nice discounts off packing supplies.

  • Move at the right time – many contractors offer attractive mid-week and low-season discount. If you can manage it, moving between Monday and Thursday, or during the peak of the vacation period. Ask your local man and van company about possible discounts and promotional packages.

Caption: Packing your own boxes will save you some money

And the additional tips

You can cut down the expenses related to your upcoming domestic relocation by opting out to handle the majority of the essential tasks that need to be done on your own. You can do the packing, as well as the loading of most of the boxes if you do not want o pay extra for more movers. The same goes for the dismantling and reassembling your furniture. You will need to spend more time doing these things and would require energy and certain skills. On the positive side, you will definitely be able to stay within budget.

An unconventional method for saving money when moving out of rented premises is cleaning. Taking care of the end of tenancy cleaning the way it is supposed to be done is going to guarantee that you receive a refund on your rental deposit – money that you will most certainly find a good use for instead of leaving it to your former landlord.