When picking a new neighbourhood to move to, one should consider various things. For instance, you need to find a place that is either close to your workplace or is well-connected by public transport. Also, you will need to check if you can afford the prices in that area. In London, property prices range from district to district. Most importantly, however, you need to find a neighbourhood that is safe. Just like home price rates, London’s crime rates also vary from area to area.

How to find a safe area in London?

You need to research your options thoroughly. To do that, speak with the locals instead of asking for advice from your real estate agent. The latter may tell you that E3 postcode zone is safe because it is home to a desirable area like Bow. But while the quality of specialised house removal services in Bromley by Bow E3, a nearby district, is exceptionally high, the crime rate in the area is above the average for London. So, which are the safest neighbourhoods in the English capital? Latest statistics show that this list is topped by the following districts:

  • Richmond
  • Sutton
  • Kingston upon Thames
  • Bexley
  • Bromley


Aside from ranking among London’s most beautiful districts, Richmond upon Thames is also known for its low crime rate. It is particularly suitable for families with children because has a village-like vibe but it does not lack any amenities. Also, it is an incredibly green place. After all, Richmond is home to the largest Royal Park in the city. Time to contact a vetted man and van London and move to this haven.


Another incredibly family-friendly place that is also quite safe is Sutton. The area is considered to be a suburb of London so it is even more quiet and relaxed than village-like Richmond. Open green spaces come in abundance in Sutton since the district is located close to several conservation areas.

Kingston upon Thames

If you prefer to live in a more central and busier London area that has a low crime rate, relocate to Kingston. It has an excellent location and it is filled with fantastic bars, restaurants and pubs. The area is also one of the English capital’s top shopping destinations.


Like Richmond and Sutton, Bexley is a place that reminds a lot of a suburb or even a village. The community spirit in this district is strong and locals are very active in organising various events. The area also has a park. A curious fact about Bexley is that it was crowned as London’s happiest neighbourhood not long ago.


Aside from being less than 15 minutes y train from the city centre (by train), Bromley is also a very secure and family-oriented neighbourhood. The schools in this London area are good and the district itself is incredibly welcoming and simply charming. One quick walk on the streets of this district and you may find yourself packing moving boxes just a few minutes later.