f you are downsizing to a smaller home, moving in with your partner or relocating abroad for while you should consider putting some of your items in a storage facility. Many trusted moving companies offer safe storage services in London and they can even provide you with units that are big enough to fit all of your furniture pieces. Still, preparing your furniture for storage is an important process. If you do not follow certain rules, you risk damaging your items and or greatly decreasing their lifecycle. This is why you need to pick a storage room that is:

  • Climate-controlled;

  • Spacious;

  • Clean and well-maintained;

How to prep your furniture for the storage room

You can’t just throw your furniture pieces in a storage unit and expect to find them in the same condition in which you left them after a few weeks or even months. But don’t worry because preparing your furniture for storage is just a 3-step process.

Clean them well

Wipe and clean each of your furniture pieces before you lock them away. By doing so, you will preserve their condition because long exposure to dust and dirt is guaranteed to do some damage to your furniture, especially to pieces made of wood. In addition to that, make sure that all of them are fully dry before you put them in the storage unit because humidity is also not a friend of your furniture.

Disassemble it

Try to disassemble each piece. That will make the handling and transportation of your furniture easier. Label all the nuts and bolts and carefully pack them so that you can put everything back together when you need to.

Pack it

To protect your furniture pieces from scratching and breaking, wrap them with blankets and safety covers. You can wrap more fragile and delicate parts such as door handles and glass ornamentations in bubble wrap or packing paper. If you don’t want to damage your floors, you can also put floor pads under each piece. Not sure how to do all of that? Rely on a comprehensive home removal service in Hendon NW4 or in some other London district. Professional movers can help you and guide you through every step of the process.

In the storage unit

Once your furniture is prepped and transported to the storage room, remember to avoid placing the pieces directly on the floor. Make sure you put them on pallets just in case the unit floods. If you have chosen a modern storage facility, however, you are not likely to deal with such accidents. Also, try not to fill over the storage room. Do not stack or cram your furniture. If you can, rent a bigger storage room because that will allow you to better organise your items and that too will also help you preserve the condition of your furniture pieces.

Last, but certainly not least, never leave food in the storage unit together with your furniture. That can attract rodents and pests or stink up the entire room.