When a relationship starts to get serious, you may decide to move in together with your significant other. This is a big step and it can strengthen your bond as a couple… or achieve the exact opposite. That’s right, joining households does not always work out. Sometimes it can have a negative effect on your relationship. That is why, before you take this important decision make sure:

  • You know your better half well enough
  • You are not doing it only because you want to save money on rent
  • The other person wants it as much as you do
  • all financial questions and touchy subjects are discussed at great length

Before you start looking for inexpensive house removal services in Highams Park E4, for instance, go through a few of the most common nightmare moving-in-together scenarios.

Romance can suffer a blow

Living together with someone means that there will be less of a mystery between you two and that can make your relationship less romantic. Right now, your significant other may look very presentable – always dressed to the nines, always smelling, always in a good mood… Move in together and you will quickly understand that the love of your life may look quite dishevelled early in the morning or get quite moody if they don’t get enough sleep, for example. That’s perfectly normal but it is not very romantic.

The solution

If just the thought of seeing a sloppier side of your better half makes you cringe, you should simply postpone moving in together. At one point, you will get tired of keeping up appearances. That’s when you will be ready to live under the same roof.

Routine can be dull

Your conversations will inevitably start to revolve around grocery lists, dining options and general household topics such as rent, home maintenance and other frankly dull subjects. You may also fall into the trap of routine and find yourself spending each and every day in an identical way.

The solution

To escape the boredom, make an effort to be more spontaneous from time to time. Pick a day of the week on which you can enjoy a romantic date. Also, choose a day of the month when you can do something totally unscripted and a little crazy such as a paintball afternoon, one-day getaway, etc.

Money issues – almost unavoidable

One of you is making less money than the other or you are not good at handling your finances? There are many different money issues that may arise when you start living with your partner. Money cannot buy you love but money problems can quickly end a relationship.