The Borough of Redbridge lies in the northern parts of London. It was created in 1965 and spreads over an area of 21.78 square miles. The borough has a population of almost 300.000 residents and a density rate of 14.000 people per square miles. It is one of the greenest areas in the English capital and is also the location of numerous prominent districts, places of interest, monuments and entertainment venues. Redbridge is also known for its thriving shopping areas and top tier educational facilities.

Gants Hill is an area which lies in the central parts of the borough at about ten miles from the world famous intersection of Charing Cross. The district is mainly residential but its own retail area where numerous shops, restaurants, hotels, bars and public houses are located. Valentines High School is arguably the best in the Gants Hill, IG2. It was founded in 1901 and today provides secondary education and sixth form to an estimate of 1.300 boys and girls from the ages of 11 to 18. Among the schools most notable alumni are:

  • Novelist Nina Bawden
  • Fashion designer Marion Foale
  • Editor Dawn Neesom
  • Mental health campaigner Hussain Munawer
  • Actress Rebecca Front
  • Educator Rachel MacFarlane

The district is linked to the other parts of London by its own tube station which was opened in 1947. It sits on the Central Line from the London Underground network and provides transportation services to over 6.5 million people on an annual basis. Aside of the station, the area is also served by a number of bus routes which pass through it on a regular basis.

Hainault Forest Country ParkThe suburban district of Hainault, IG6, is situated in the northernmost parts of the Borough of Redbridge. It has a population of about 13.000 and lies at approximately 13 miles from Charing Cross. Most of the edifices in the area date back to the late-1940s and mid-1950s. The Hainault Forest Country Park is beyond any doubt the most notable landmark in the district. It spans over 136 hectares of lush green lands and is classified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The presence of the park has contributed immensely for the area’s reputation of one of the greenest districts in Redbridge. Hainault shares common boundaries with the neighbourhoods of Goodmayes, Collier Row, Barkingside, Chadwell Heath and Chigwell. It is served by its own tube station which was founded in 1903. Throughout the years, the transportation hub has been closed and reopened on several occasions. Today it sits on the Central Line and is used by over 3.5 million passengers yearly. Also a total of five bus routes pass through the district frequently and the Grange Hill tubs station lies in close proximity.

Goodmayes is a district which isClock Tower in Goodmayes located on the southern border of Redbridge at exactly eleven miles from Charing Cross. The area has a population of over 13.000 and until 1965 was part of the Municipal Borough of Ilford. Goodmayes, IG3, is known for its numerous Edwardian terraced houses and is quiet and peaceful ambiance. During the years several notable people including actors Cardew Robinson and Sir Ian Holm have lived in the district. It is adjacent to the areas of Ilford, Becontree, Collier Row, Seven Kings, Dagenham, Chigwell Row and Chadwell Heath. Goodmayes is connected to the other parts of the British capital by its own railway station which was opened at the turn of the 20th century. Its sits on Shenfield Metro line of the Crossrail network and since 2017 has commenced to serve the Elizabeth Line as well. According to the latest numbers the station is used by over 3.7 million passengers yearly. The closest underground transportation hubs are located in the districts of Barking and Newbury Park.

These are only three of the twenty-eight districts which form the Borough of Redbridge and every single one of them deserves to be explored as it has something interesting to offer you. So, as soon as you are done browsing the areas of Gants Hill, Hainault and Goodmayes, make sure that you find time to reconnoiter the other neighbourhoods of the borough because only by doing so you can understand in full why Redbridge is one of the best boroughs in London.