Making friends in a new neighbourhood after a house move always requires an effort. Even if you are a naturally lovable individual who is outgoing, polite and considerate, you may still need to:

  • Make a good first impression
  • Host a housewarming party
  • Find a common ground
  • Give a few compliments

Hopefully, you have hired reliable professionals such a qualified man with a van in Carshalton SM5, for instance, so that you have time for all of that.

Start from Day 1

Don’t be one of those newly arrived neighbours who spend the first couple of weeks in their new home, making noise arranging the furniture, unpacking, redecorating, etc. Go and greet your new neighbours shortly after the movers deliver your items to your new home. While the pros are providing you with a risk-free furniture assembly service in London, you can go and knock on a few doors, introduce yourself and exchange emergency numbers.

Explore your new area

On the day after your relocation, go on an exploration trip around the neighbourhood. Find where locals prefer to hang out, relax, shop and you may make a few friends in the process.

See if anyone you know lives here

Use the power of social media to see if anyone of your old friends and contacts happen to be living in the same area. They may show you around and you will instantly have someone you can count on in your new place of residence.

We all love to be complimented

Try to make a good impression on your next-door neighbours. Some people do that by baking biscuits, gifting fruit baskets or bring on a few slices of homemade pie. However, settling in after a home relocation often demands your full attention and a great deal of your free time. Therefore, you may not be able to spend hours in the kitchen cooking delicious surprises for the people in the neighbourhood. A more time-efficient and budget-friendly way to make an excellent first impression is by being generous on the compliments you are giving. People love to be complimented. However, remember that there are lines which you should never cross. For instance, avoid complimenting your neighbours’ appearance and instead focus on praising something about their house – such as their garden, their neatly-looking living room, their well-maintained home, their modern-looking driveway. Compliments related to household organisation and home maintenance are more successful at encouraging people to open up to you and have a better conversation with their new neighbour.

Find something that connects you

See if you and your neighbours have common interests, hobbies, professions, etc. That not only makes a good conversation starter but it can also mark the start of a new, long-lasting friendship. Therefore, keep your eyes and ears open to see if you have something in common.

Host a casual party

Organise a housewarming party but make sure it is nothing formal. Opt for something laidback and casual such as a BBQ in your backyard. Don’t force people to dress up if you want to have a higher attendance rate.