You have decided to move to London and now you are filled with excitement and anticipation to start your life in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan and historically and culturally rich places. You have probably browsed through a few travel guides and blogs dedicated to the English capital in an attempt to prep yourself for what is to come. Still, it is one thing being a tourist in London and a completely different one if you are living in the Big Smoke simply because visitors and residents of the city experience it in their own unique way… with a few exceptions. So, as a London newcomer, you need to:

  • View public transport as the next best thing after sliced bread
  • Avoid getting becoming too dependent on London’s public transport
  • Warm up to the idea of sharing a house with someone else
  • Visit all the free attractions in the city

Even if you are moving from a town set within the UK, you will quickly notice that the capital is unlike any other place in the country.

Embrace the local public transport

Owning a car may be a must in a city like Los Angeles, for instance, but in London, most people prefer to use the tube, tram, train, bus and even river bus services. The English capital has one of the best and most well-developed public transport systems which is why you can easily get to any part of the city even if you do not own a personal vehicle. Therefore, get yourself an Oyster card and start exploring this place filled with wonders.

Don’t forget to use your feet too

Using London’s public transport is so convenient that it can be addictive. That is why we want to remind you to use your feet every now and then. Many tube stations are located incredibly close to each other which means that, in some cases, you can get from point A to point B much faster if you simply walk there.

Do not be afraid to join the house-sharing trend

Renting or buying a home in the Big Smoke is really expensive. So, if you can afford to rent a flat all by yourself or even buying one, consider yourself lucky. But even if you have the financial means to live on your own in London, do not… at least, not in the beginning. Sharing a house with other people is a great way to make new friends if you are a newcomer in this city. You can learn a lot of tricks and hacks about living in London from locals.

Make the most of the free pass attractions

Did you know that there are many museums and galleries in the capital which you can see for free? From the Museum of London and the National Gallery to Tate Modern and even the Houses of Parliament – you get a free pass for all of these iconic spots.

Spend money to save money

The cost of living in a city like the Big Smoke can be excruciatingly high. Nevertheless, when moving home in the capital, it is always wiser to use the assistance of a qualified man and van in London. In that way, your items will be moved quickly and safely to your new address. That will save you time, money and effort.