People who move a lot rarely have big and expensive pieces of art at home. The reason for this is quite simple and clear – transporting paintings, sculptures and pictures of artistic quality can be a real pain. If you are moving homes in the near future and you would like to protect your valuable art collection from damage during transportation, there are some of the most common tips that you can come across, gathered in one place.

Money should not be an issue

Your art removal is not the place to go cheap. While packing other items in your home you might feel tempted to use old newspapers as wrapping for example, but that is not a good idea when you are preparing paintings and photographs for the move. It is not as much a safety issue as it is one of ink scrubbing on the surface of the painting and actually getting onto the canvas. So, buying high quality wrapping supplies is something that you should do. The same principle goes for when you are hiring moving help. Instead of going for the cheapest, choose the best art removal service in London. In this way you will rest assured that everything that needs to be done is done and you will not have to worry about your art arriving safe and sound at the assigned location.

Be open about it

Framed paintingIt is understandable if you have reservations about fully disclosing the value of your collection to the people who help you move it. But if you want it to be treated with the due respect and care, you just have to do it. The thing is that if you hire the right man and van company, you will not have to worry about the ethics of your movers or how discreet they are – because they have already been checked and vetted.

Size matters

In the case of moving art, it is always better to overdo yourself than to not use enough wrapping and labels. When in doubt, just throw in some more paper and another FRAGILE notice on the box.

Preparation is vital

The thing is that when we are talking about moving art, there is no such thing as being prepared enough. There will always be something more that you can do in order to add up to the safety of your pieces while they are on the road. So, you should do your research properly. Read about the special cardboard boxes that are designed specifically to protect the corners of your picture frames. Learn about the ways in which you are to load your boxes on the truck or van – even if you have hired professional movers for the job, it will be a good thing to know those strategies and keep an eye on how things are going. The key is to read a lot on the subject and do it from various sources. The more often a tip is being repeated, the higher the chance that it works is.