Richmond upon Thames, a jewel in London’s crown, is one of the most attractive boroughs in London. Situated 10 miles southwest of Central London with the charming River Thames running for over 10 miles through it, the magnificent Richmond upon Thames has long been a favourite stop for Kings and Queens of England thanks to the country air and hunting grounds. Today, visitors and tourists can enjoy its numerous open spaces, museums, historic houses, galleries, theatres and other breath-taking spots. Richmond has a strong sense of community, quality schools and low rates of unemployment, as well as an abundance of reputable moving companies, including first-rate removal services in Castelnau SW13. It is ideal for families and retired couples looking for a nice place to start over. Some of the most charming places in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames to visit include:

  • Ham House
  • Twickenham Museum
  • Kew Gardens
  • Kew Palace
  • Museum of Richmond
  • Strawberry Hill House
  • Orleans House Gallery
  • Garrick’s Temple, and many more

The historic Ham House and Garden

Ham is a suburban district situated to the west of Richmond Park. It offers a semi-rural feel that families love, which makes it one of the most popular parts of Richmond to live in. If you’re planning to move here, make sure to hire insured domestic removals in Ham TW10. It also offers a number of interesting spots for visitors, including the Ham House.

Pictured: The Cherry Garden, Ham House

Sitting on the banks of the River Thames in Richmond, Ham House and Garden is a 17th-century house and a rare example of 17th-century fashion and power, as claimed by the National Trust. It boasts a unique collection of art, furniture and textiles; some of them are 400 years old. The house was built by the Duchess of Lauderdale and her husband, the Duke and it is said to be one of the most haunted in Britain. However, don’t let few scary stories prevent you from enjoying this lavish historic house and its 17th-century gardens. Perhaps they are only imagining the ghostly aroma of the sweet Virginia pipe tobacco that the Duke used to smoke. Don’t miss to visit the Orangery café too.

Kew Gardens

Whether you are planning to move to Kew with the help of renowned home removal services in Fulwell TW11, TW12 that provide assistance across London or you are just passing by, you should most certainly see one of the London’s largest UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kew Gardens. It displays the largest and most diverse botanical and mycological collections in the world, with wonderful Palm House and its exotic rainforest, the Waterlily House and its gigantic lily pads, as well as the Princess of Wales Conservatory with 10 of the world’s climatic zones for you to explore. You can also visit Kew Palace, the former summer residence of King George III, as well as the adjacent Royal Kitchens and Ice House.

Hampton Court Palace

Not only you can find remarkable household removals in Hampton TW12 in no time, but this area is also famous for many attractions and places of interest. One of them is the Hampton Court Palace, Henry VIII’s favourite royal residence. Not only you will have a chance to see the state apartments and many works of art and furnishings from the Royal Collection, but you can also enjoy the magnificent Chapel, Tudor kitchens, the Haunted Gallery, the Baroque Palace and other.

Pictured: Hampton Court Palace

If you have just moved to the area after booking skilled domestic removals in Hampton Hill TW12, make sure to take your entire family to visit the Hampton Court Palace. Children will love King’s Beasts statues, the famous maze and gardens.

Strawberry Hill House

Strawberry Hill House is the Gothic Revival villa built by Horace Walpole. Visitors can enjoy his eccentric and unique style reflected in renaissance glass in the rooms, castle-like hall and grey gothic staircase that leads to the state apartment and gallery filled with a massive collection of decorative arts, paintings, curiosities and antiquities. Visiting Strawberry Hill House is a stunning step back in history. Therefore, if you have just moved near this great settlement thanks to experienced house removal services in Hampton Wick KT1 or you are just passing through Twickenham, don’t miss to visit it.

Pictured: Strawberry Hill House