Moving house can be challenging not only because of the actual moving day but because everything that precedes it and comes after. There are many ways to make your relocation as stress-free as possible, including making an inventory list or creating a proper strategy. Good planning is important as it will save you time and nerves with post-removal tasks as well. For example, you will know what to do with leftover packing materials.

The hardest part of your removal is behind you. But, this is not the end of your journey as you still have plenty of things to take care of. Clearing up the mess and cleaning is one of them. You will end up with piles of packing materials all over the house after unpacking and you simply cannot ignore it. What you should do is to work out a strategy which will help you finish all the tasks on time, including handling leftover packing materials. Check our useful tips on handling this post-removal task.

Reuse the leftover packing materials

After relocation is over, find the new purpose of cardboard boxes that are still in good shape. Following ideas might be helpful:

  • Use them for storing – cardboard boxes are good for storing away seasonal or other items you don’t use frequently. If you don’t want to store items in your attic or garage, self-storage unit is a good solution, especially if you find the most affordable storage service in London. Packing your belongings into clean and sturdy cardboard boxes is one of the best ways to organise a storage unit, enabling you to easier find what you are looking for. Don’t forget to label the boxes and write the content of each box.
  • Save them for the next time – quality packing materials are sometimes hard to find so it is wise to save yours for the next time you move, especially if you move frequently. If you have wardrobe boxes or original appliance boxes, make sure to store them away so that they can be ready for the next usage.
  • Give them away – donating your packing materials or giving them away to other people who are moving is killing two birds with one stone. You are helping those in need and getting rid of stuff you don’t need at the same time. Help a friend or neighbour by supplying them with various boxes, packing paper or bubble wrap. Moreover, fill in the boxes with some clothes and other items you don’t use and donate to charity.

Recycle non-degradable materials

Styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap or packing paper can be reused in various creative DIY projects. You can use bubble wrap to protect the floors and other surfaces during remodelling, for example. Store them away in your garage. However, if you don’t want to keep them, the best way to get rid of them is to recycle them, especially Styrofoam peanuts that are impossible to degrade in soil. It is safe for the environment and you can earn some extra dollars. Not to mention you will successfully handle the pile of leftover packing materials.