We all know how challenging moving a piano or a big china collection can be. That is why, when people are planning a house move, they always spend a lot of time preparing for the removal of such heavy or fragile goods. But there are many other items which are a nightmare to relocate not only because they have a massive weight or their delicate construction but also because they are:

  • Bulky or oddly-shaped;
  • Very valuable;
  • Hard to pack;
  • Alive;

Namely, that makes these items surprisingly difficult to move.

Paintings and sculptures

If you own a valuable piece of art, you will spend more time preparing it for the move than actually moving it. Expensive artwork needs to be perfectly packed or else you risk damaging it and reducing its value greatly. Some renowned removal business like Domestic Move offer safe art removal services in London. What is more, the company’s coverage of the English capital is impressive. This means that you will have access to this service regardless of the district in which you are living since it is available for all of the firm’s customers including those who opt for comprehensive home removals in Forest Gate E7.

Large Mattresses

Mattresses are soft so even if you drop them they will not break or harm you in any way. However, they are not very easy to move, especially the extra-large ones. If you have to carry them down a flight of stairs, you will need at least one more pair of helping hands. The fact that the mattress must not be folded as that will cause it to lose its shape can make the process even more challenging.


Potted PlantsYou can’t chuck your potted plants in a regular moving box and expect them to get to your new home alive. They must be placed in boxes that have a secure bottom and holes at the top. And if that was not enough, they cannot be transported with the moving van. You can opt for the best and most hassle-free home removal service in Farringdon EC1 but you still won’t be allowed to load your plants on the transit vehicle since moving companies do not deal with this type of items. So, you will not only need to pack them yourself, you will also need to move them without professional help.


Another thing which licensed removal business cannot move is pets. If you are moving locally, that may not be a big problem for you. However, if you are planning a long-distance relocation and you do not have a personal vehicle of your own which you can use to transport your domestic animal or animals, you will need to borrow or hire one.


And while we are still on the subject, aquariums are also surprisingly tricky to move. Why? Firstly, it is made of glass and secondly –you must empty them before you relocate them. Preparing the fish tank for transportation is also a difficult and a time-consuming process.

As you can see, you should not underestimate the removal of any of your items. There are challenges that come with all of them.