For many Londoners, the Borough of Hounslow may seem unattractive and unspectacular. Yes, it is true that many of the areas and localities on its territory were part of the historic country of Middlesex and that today they are part of city’s suburbs. And yes, Hounslow is the most overflown London borough due to the fact that it is very close to one of the world’s busiest airports – Heathrow Airport. But even these things cannot beat that fact that this part of Outer London is remarkably green, leafy and it is filled with hidden gems such as:

  • Gunnersbury Park and Gunnersbury Park Museum;
  • Kew Palace and Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew;
  • London Museum of Water & Steam;
  • Hogarth’s House;
  • Musical Museum in Brentford;
  • Marble Hill House;
  • Syon Park and Syon House;
  • Osterley Park;

Pictured: Gunnersbury Park Museum

West London’s financial hub

The administrative centre of the borough is the district of Hounslow. It has a population of a little over 66,000 people and it is among the most rapidly developing areas in England. It can also be said that Hounslow plays the role of a top commercial hub in West London. It is one of the busiest financial districts in this part of the UK capital. Many companies have offices here and locals have access to great services and amenities, including a large shopping centre, professional house removals in Hounslow TW3 and excellent transport links to the city centre. Also, not everything in this district is about business because there are many entertainment and cultural events organised in the area too. For example, those include Night of Festivals Hounslow and the Hounslow Festival of Music, Speech & Dance. Therefore, Hounslow can hardly be described as a boring area. And how could it given that more than half of the people who live in the district were born outside the country which is why this is one of the borough’s most colourful, energetic and versatile spots.

Heathrow Airport’s role in the borough

Europe’s busiest international airport by passenger traffic, Heathrow Airport, is not located in the London Borough of Hounslow. Instead, it is set in the nearby Borough of Hillingdon. Despite that, it contributes to the noise in many of the districts in Hounslow due to the two boroughs immediate proximity to each other. That is why, property prices in some of them can be unusually low, even for this part of London. But while living very close to a large airport has its downsides, it also has a number of benefits. Hounslow’s Hatton, for instance, used to be a tiny country village in the dawn of the last century. However, not long after Heathrow Airport was opened, the settlements witnessed a fast development. It welcomed many firms that offer ancillary services to the airport and that created more job opportunities for the local population. It also encouraged other types of businesses to come to the area which is one of the main reasons why locals can now enjoy comprehensive house removals in Hatton TW14. But although this small settlement has managed to evolve in the past few decades, it has also preserved its true core. That is namely why London’s only inner-city farm is set namely here. It is called Hounslow Urban Farm and it attracts families from every part of the capital. And if you feel thirsty or peckish when you explore Hatton, you can always stop by the local pub and enjoy a quick beer or some fish and chips.

Pictured: Hounslow High Street

The suburbia of West London

With its many industrial buildings, Hatton may not be a great example of a typical West London suburb. To see what that really is, you need to make your way to Heston. Although this is a place that has been inhabited by people since Saxon times, it is a really quiet and relaxed suburban area. Don’t hesitate to move here because you can use the local cost-efficient home removal services in Heston TW5 which will make your relocation experience incredibly smooth, fast and inexpensive. Families in the area can choose from a nice selection of schools such as Heston Primary, the Rosary Catholic Schools and Heston Community School. There are also two places of worships here – the Catholic Church Our Lady Queen of Apostles and St Leonard’s Church (Church of England).

The London Borough of Hounslow is more than a suburban part of West London. It is developing in order to survive in this changing world but it continues to be charming because of its often village-like atmosphere.