Britain is in the grips of a housing crisis. Yet the country has 260,000 empty homes. It’s often the case that people inherit properties they haven’t got the slightest interest in nor an intention to move back in. Whatever their reasons, though, the results are dire – homeless people remain on the streets in parts of London, and elsewhere throughout the United Kingdom.

Of course, trying to guilt homeowners into giving up their properties to accommodate those in need, while noble, is also unfair. Instead, mayors could seek to alleviate the burden of housing by either offering owners to renovate their dilapidated properties in exchange for a temporary easement over those buildings.

The rest of the time, you may see poignant and heartfelt stories get a fair bit of interest in national media.

Oh Tenant, Where Have Thou Been?

As an average person, you may have thought about moving out of the UK. It doesn’t really matter if you have meant anything by it when you fantasised about packing your suitcases and moving out. With this said, let’s explore the hypothetical scenario where you have taken the bold step and are now awaiting the home removal crew to arrive and begin wrapping your domicile.

You will see your furniture carefully transported to a large truck. Your belongings are treated respectfully as long as you are booking a service from a trusted company. It helps to read reviews before making a final decision, as people tend to share both their positive and negative experience online. With a professional service, you can rest assured that everything will be sorted out before long.

Owners who have decided to pack up still have to decide what they have to do with their properties. If they don’t want to sell, they have to account for the fact that they maybe contributing to the housing crisis in London. Solving this problem may be a bit more complicated than booking a man and van service.

The Government Requests Your Audience

Of course, mayors have tried appealing to the better nature of owners, but in truthfulness, an owner would most certainly feel like they have been cheated at some point. But it’s not just homeowners who have a reason to be bitterly disappointed.

English houseBusiness is also experiencing some difficulty hunting for new locales. And rightly so. Jobs are now endangered and you may soon see people moving out and leaving yet more empty houses.

Whatever the reasons behind the present snafu, London and Britain will do well to seek a resolution to a pressing problem that is affecting the country in more than one ways. If we have the means to tackle an issue, it’s a matter of commitment.

The alternative is to let our housing market get further bogged down in the current crisis and reach the point of no-return. Good governance and city planning is needed all across the United Kingdom right now.

It would be pointless to let properties go to waste just because we couldn’t figure out a way to use our resources in a meaningful way.