Haringey is one of the most contrasting London Boroughs. As a start, half if its territory is set over a hilly terrain and it has a rather high altitude, while the other half is low-rising and extremely flat. The local population is made up of various ethnic groups, creating a melting pot of cultures. Crouch EndThe most striking contrast in Haringey, however, is the one that between its eastern and northern neighbourhoods. The borough is home to more than 20 districts, half of which are incredibly affluent and the other half is often considered to be poor. The western part of Haringey is the more desirable one and it features popular London districts such as Crouch End, Highgate and Muswell Church. The eastern section of the borough, on the other hand, consists of predominantly deprived areas. However, many of the overlooked districts in Haringey have managed to improve in the last few years and are no longer as boring, poor or unattractive as they once used to be. The problem is that their bad reputation persists which is why we will now explore some of the borough’s most underrated areas that deserve some more recognition.

Three places with the same name

Two of the districts in the borough that have drastically transformed in more recent years are Harringay and Hornsey. An interesting fact about them is that they share one and the same name with that of the Brough of Haringey. Although the names of these three places are spelt in a different way, they all stand for “Haering’s enclosure.”

The green Harringay

Ducketts Common, HarringayHarringay is set in the very heart of the borough and its reputation is tarnished by the numerous violent clashes between some of the immigrant groups in the district in the past. Luckily, this problem is long gone and these days Harringay is a much more pleasant place which is particularly popular with couples and young families. More than 22% of its territory is covered with open spaces, which makes it one of the greenest spots in the London Borough of Haringey. Some of the most famous green open spaces in the area include:

In addition to that Harringay has a very vibrant and cosmopolitan shopping street – Green Lanes. Many of the stores on it are newly-opened but some have been welcoming customers since the early years of the 20th century. Also, anyone looking to move to the area can simply rely on local high-quality house removals in Harringay N4, N8, N15.

London’s oldest village

One of Harringay’s neighbours is Hornsey – yet another underappreciated district in the Borough of Haringey. The area is famous for being the oldest known village in London and today it is a predominantly residential in character. Just like many other places in the Haringey, Hornsey suffers from a bad reputation and it is being stigmatised as “poor.” That might have been the case some time ago but today the district is nothing short of a well-priced area that has many excellent shops and cafes, a strong sense of community and availability of convenient home removal services in Hornsey N8.

Surrounded by affluent neighbours

Finsbury Park and Fortis Green are also not among the most desirable neighbourhoods in the Borough of Haringey and, for the most part, their main fault is that they are located right next to some of London’s most privileged districts. Finsbury Park, for example, is sitting very close to the affluent areas of Stoke Newington and Angel. And while it may not have the most presentable appearance, N4 is one of the few Zone 2 districts that still offer inexpensive housing, outstanding public transport links and a nice choice of shops. So, if you are looking for a bargain house deal, find yourself a speedy house removal service in Finsbury Park N4 because properties here come at a budget-friendly price.

Unlike all the other underrated districts mentioned so far, Fortis Green is located in the western part of the London Borough of Haringey. Similar to Finsbury Park, however, it is surrounded by prestigious areas such as Muswell Hill and Highgate. Compared to them, the district is poor but compared to the rest of London, it is just a normal and leafy neighbourhood. Locals have access to insured home removals in Fortis Green N10 and to two main shopping thoroughfares – Muswell Hill Broadway and Fortis Green Road.