Lewisham is a London Borough that does not have many fans. Compared to other parts of the UK capital, it is rather poor. That, however, is one of the few major disadvantages of living in this borough. Aside from that downside, Lewisham is a green and budget-friendly place. Its population is one of the youngest in the city and it is made up of various ethnic groups and communities. Thanks to the fact that the borough is mostly set in the inner part of South London, Lewisham also has a wide selection of landmarks. You can spend a decent amount of time exploring local tourist attractions such as:

  • Horniman Museum
  • Manor House Gardens
  • Mountsfield Park
  • Citibank Tower
  • Devonshire Road Nature Reserve
  • Garthorne Road Nature Reserve
  • Hare & Billet Pond
  • Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art

This rough-looking London Borough cannot be compared to the beautiful Richmond upon Thames or the leafy Waltham Forest but there are a few good reasons why you should not cross in out its districts from your list of potential future neighbourhoods.

Affordable alternatives to top London districts

London is an expensive city to live in. Most people who reside in the English capital are on a constant lookout for more budget-friendly areas to which they can move. Lewisham has plenty of affordable districts from which you can choose. Some of them are not well-serviced by public transport and lack shopping and entertainment facilities but others have all necessary amenities and a little extra of this or that.

The Conservatory at Horniman’s Museum and GardensHonor Oak is one of the most affordable districts in the borough. It is set in a hilly area but there are a number of good schools on its territory. Recently, it has been attracting more and more families from Baltham and Clapham who are seeking to reduce their monthly expenses. Honor Oak is a suburban area but it greatly benefits from the fact that is it situated in Inner London. The choice of great restaurants here will certainly come as a pleasant surprise to you. What is more, one the country’s best Indian restaurants is also located here. The availability of cost-efficient home removals in Honor Oak SE13 will enable you to move home in this district without stretching your budget. Plus, the service quality you will get is exceptional as you will have your possessions transported with up-to-date moving vans. This is a small area but, as you can see, living here has its big advantages.

Another inexpensive area in Lewisham is Hither Green. It has turned into the top pocket-friendly neighbourhood alternative for families from popular districts like Peckham Rye and Blackheath. Compared to Honor Oak, however, it is quieter and more relaxed. There are not many people who live here and yet, the area has good dining options, a nice selection of outstanding schools and shops. Professional house removal services in Hither Green SE13 are offered at a competitive price. You can book a whole team of skilled movers on a short notice and still enjoy a low-cost moving service. But that is just one of the many perks of living in that part of the borough.

A leafy borough with a unique charm

Broadway Theatre, CatfordForest Hill and Grove Park are two of the greenest districts in Lewisham. Both of these areas are surrounded by many parks and both are home to a vast range of attractions. The most visited of them is Forest Hill’s Horniman’s Museums and Gardens. If you love nature, you will appreciate these districts and the fact that you can rely on eco-friendly home removals in Grove Park SE12 which are carried out in accordance with all safety standards. The same can be said for the efficient domestic removal services in Forest Hill SE23. They heavily feature the use of fuel-efficient moving vehicles and recyclable packing materials. The local nature is so amazing that every effort to preserve it counts.

Incredible main district

Catford is one of the greatest things about Lewisham. The district itself is not particularly picturesque and its landscape includes a lot of examples of the unattractive Brutalist architectural style. Nevertheless, Catford is an excellently developed place with many sports facilities, landmarks and parks. It is one of the major centres of the UK capital so finding reliable domestic removal services in Catford SE6 is never hard but it is always affordable… just like Lewisham itself.