One of the most important things that you need to get covered when you are planning and preparing for your upcoming domestic relocation is to lock down the right professional movers who are going to help you manage the specs of the job. There are quite a few moving firms that are currently operating on the territory of Greater London and sometimes it is quite complex to figure out whether a particular contractor is legitimate or not. Here we have listed some tips that are going to help you determine if the company that you are considering is really going to be of help to you.

Client support

The first sign that you are dealing with a contractor that you can trust is the way they treat their potential clients on the way in. In most cases, it comes down to how helpful and polite the client support operators that you call are. Ask yourself do they provide you with satisfactory answers to the questions that you are having, are they friendly and accommodating? Chances are that if a company in question keep high standards for their client support, they do for the rest of the operation as well. Naturally, you need to confirm your first impression by investigating further.


Naturally, a legitimate contractor would have the necessary certification and business license. This is usually easy to find out – if they have nothing to hide, they would display the information about their license at a visible on their website. If you have a hard time finding the info in question just ask.

Service price estimates

Naturally, when determining whether or not you are to entrust a moving firm with the particulars of your upcoming domestic removal, you need to make sure that the price they are asking fits your budget. There are numerous factors to take into account when a service price is being calculated such as:

  • The volume of goods to be moved
  • Number of movers necessary
  • How much time is it going to take?
  • Day and time of the removal

In today’s competitive environment most firms have taken the necessary steps to optimise their services to cut costs. Ask for a free quote in advance and compare the results with your moving budget.

Area of operation and additional services

Of course, the company you are considering should operate in the area that you are relocating to and from. If you need a highly dependable household removal service in Cheam SM3 for example, you cannot hire a contractor that does not work in these parts of Greater London, right? The same goes for additional services such as end of tenancy cleaning, packing and risk-free storage in London.

What past clients have to say

Online reviews can give you a great deal of information about the reliability of a certain moving firm. Search for client feedback on the internet and you will most likely be able to determine if the contractor you are looking at has weak spots, or whether there are red signs to discourage you from hiring these people in particular.